Atlas Mech PC Case Mod

atlusmech.jpgWow. I have a thing about PC case mods, I think they're cool as hell. So I'm always looking around for them, just because I like checking out the details and seeing how they were made. Call me a geek, but I sort of feel about modded PC cases the way car enthusiasts feel about rebuilt cars. I want to check out their guts, look at step-by-step pictures of how the thing was made. A few weeks back I posted about Extreme Tech's case mod competition, posting pics of the Dragon Case mod, which was a thing of beauty. But this, this is just freakin cool, a PC case that looks like an Atlas Mech. Look at that thing! Hit the link for more pics of this case that took more than a year to build.

The Atlas Mech Case Mod [Extreme Tech, thanks Michael]


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