AWOMO Beta Launches

AWOMO Beta Launches

awomoscreen.jpgA World Of My Own is a game download service embedded in a virtual world that will allow users to meet other players in the guise of customisable avatars and quickly download gaming titles to play alone or with your newfound friends. The concept is intriguing the hell out of me as well as several big name game companies already signed on for the service. Companies like Atari, Eidos, Vivendi, 2K Sports, Sega and NCsoft are just a few of the publishers listed on, which has been newly revamped to coincide with the launch of the beta program. Of the 30,000 slots opened, 20,000 have been filled, and with the beta only in an early download testing phase there is still plenty of time to sign up. I’ve got a feeling that AWOMO is going to be a pretty big deal one day, so be sure to bookmark this post to laugh at me should I wind up horribly wrong.

GDI announces beginning of AWOMO Beta Test and hits the 20,000 registrant mark

More details announced on updated website for full Beta over 70 Free Games now signed for test phase

London, UK, 16th August 2007: Game Domain International Ltd (GDI), a company providing services to deliver games online using proprietary super-fast digital distribution technology, today announced it has now passed the 20,000 registrant mark for the AWOMO Beta Test program, coinciding with an extensive revamp of its website.

GDI has begun low level testing with a select group of Beta “Trainers” testing the basic download functionality. AWOMO (‘A World Of My Own’), the revolutionary game digital delivery service embedded within a 3D “virtual world” island paradise for gamers, will be tested later in the summer.

Meanwhile, 20,000 gamers have now signed up for the Beta test. The AWOMO website has been revamped in preparation, with extensive material about the Beta test service including a full FAQ section, a feedback bulletin board and for the first time, a list of some of the publishers and now 70+ games supported in the Beta.

“We’re really pleased with the response to our call for AWOMO testers,” said Roger Walkden, CEO of GDI Ltd. “We’re in the low-level technical test stage right now, but we’re excited about rolling this out to a much larger test audience in the near future. Anyone can now visit our updated AWOMO site, and browse to get a much more in depth idea of what the Beta and AWOMO are all about.”

There are still around 10,000 vacancies in the Beta Test to fill on a first come, first served basis, with no charges to gamers who sign up for the trial. The first gamers to set foot within AWOMO will also have access to a number of custom virtual items that will forever identify them as founder members of the community.

There will also be AWOMO subscriptions to be won, and introductory offers for the final service when it goes live. And for those who take their gaming super-seriously, there is the chance to become a member of the elite tester unit – a group of Beta testers chosen as permanent members of the GDI test team.

To sign up for the AWOMO Test or find out more, head to

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