Band Of Bugs Marches South

Band Of Bugs Marches South

bandofbugsred.jpgWhile I may not have been too fond of NinjaBee’s Band of Bugs on Xbox Live Arcade, the game has garnered a nice little following thanks to its easy to pickup strategy gameplay and user-created content via the in-game level editor. Today NinjaBee announces its newest expansion for Band of Bugs, entitled Red Kingdom, which shifts the focus from the Western Kingdom to the Southern Kingdom, including 10 new missions, new heroes, an extended level cap, two new units (artillery and cavalry), and of course, more achievements. To celebrate the expansion’s release, NinjaBee is holding a level design contest. Design your level, upload screens and a description to the forums at, and you could be the winner of 4,000 Microsoft Points and a special NinjaBee t-shirt. Even though I dislike the game I might have to give level designing a hand to satiate my need for ninja paraphernalia.


New story, new characters, new challenges and one huge contest await gamers

Orem, Utah – August 8, 2007 – NinjaBee, a division of Wahoo Studios and a leading independent developer of Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, announced today its newest expansion pack, Red Kingdom, for its Band of Bugs title. With this new expansion pack comes more content for the level editor, leading to Ninja Bee’s own “Design a Level Contest.”

Red Kingdom moves the action from the Western Kingdom to the Southern Kingdom, and adds two new troop types – artillery and cavalry – and ten exciting new missions. The Southern Kingdom’s arid desert comes to life with new main characters with special powers and a higher level cap. Players will be happy to see new Achievements have been added, as well as new cinematics which further the saga. The game can be enjoyed single player or co-operatively as well as in multiplayer battles.

Band of Bugs gained popularity for its level editor, which allows any user to create unique content for their friends and the community. Red Kingdom pushes the editor further by adding in desert tile sets and items such as stone huts, rock formations and more cactus types than any Bug needs. To make sure these new levels get seen, NinjaBee is hosting a contest for level editors. Once gamers have designed their entry level, they only need to post a description and screen shots to the user forums at www. Members of the forum will vote for their favourite levels and NinjaBee staffers will take the top 3 levels with the most votes, play through them and select the number one level. Winners will get 4,000 Microsoft Points and a special edition NinjaBee tee-shirt. All levels are due by August 16, 2007. Contest rules will be posted on

Band of Bugs was released June, 2007. It is available on Xbox LIVE Arcade as both a free trial and as a full game for only 800 Microsoft Points. It supports 1-4 players in co-op or in multiplayer versus modes and also supports the Xbox LIVE Vision camera. One of the few turn-based tactics games available, Band of Bugs provides gameplay deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the genre, but friendly enough to appeal to casual gamers. The game has fifty levels, and also features a level editor allowing gamers to design custom scenarios and play them solo or over Xbox LIVE with friends.

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