Bashcraft's 360 Finally Dies (How's Yours?)

DSCF9085.JPGThe exciting and inevitable conclusion to the my-Xbox-360-starting-freezing post! On Saturday night, after playing the BioShock demo to death, I decided to fire up some Gears of War. I played for ten minutes and then it moved on from this world, leaving Red Rings of Death as a memento. To recap: I got the "checkerboard effect," and the next time I switched on a disc-based game, the box konked out. So Xbox Live Arcade games and free demos could be the answer to Microsoft's hardware woes! Or something.Now that my Xbox 360 has cashed in, that means that at least three of all Kotaku editors have reached RROD status. Yay! Mine was a Japan Launch 360 (which I waited in line for and purchased with my own money). What about you reader people? Time for a poll: What I want to know is whether you've had hardware problems or not. We've got a decent sized readership, so I'm keen to know stories out in the field. More importantly, I really want to know if you've had not problems. Not all Xbox 360s are heaps of junk. Some of them actually work! So, if you've got worker, let us know in the comments section.

Meanwhile, I gotta send this thing off to get it repaired.

Eds Note: I just called consumer support, and they said it was going to be 2 or 3 weeks before they could fix it. The rep I spoke with said things were "backed up".


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