Beastie Boy Captured, Trapped In Tony Hawks Game

mcath.jpgAs much as I love their scampish little ways, there's no denying the fact the Beastie Boys are getting old. Not just regular "older", like, I saw them on TV the other day and they were old. Best way to combat the signs of ageing? Appearing as a glossy, over-rendered playable character in a videogame! That's what the Beastie's MCA (Adam Yauch) is doing, Activision announcing to MTV's Stephen Totilo that he'll be a playable chatacter in the upcoming Tony Hawks Proving Ground. Dude looks sharply-dressed in a suit. Even sharper considering he looks like he's skating on the moon. Beastie Boys' MCA Skateboards (Virtually) With Tony Hawk; Plus New Game Soundtrack Revealed [MTV]


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