Sonic At Olympics Is So Unbelievable

sonics_running_b.png Mario beating Sonic in a hundred yard dash? Implausible. That sums up the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, which makes it possible for Mario to beat Sonic in a foot race. Blasphemy! Sega's UK Product manager Grant Gie explains:

The great thing about this is it's similar to Mario Kart in levelling the playing field. Sonic isn't always going to win the 100-meter dash; it's really up to the players and how well they use the Nunchuk and Wii Remote.

Wha? No. It's Sonic. It doesn't matter if you put the Wii-mote on the coffee table and disconnect the Nunchuk, he should beat Mario. It's friggin' Sonic, dude. Olympics Sonic [Games Radar]


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