Best Buy Crushes Dreams/Refunds $60 Rock Band Pre-Orders

Best Buy Crushes Dreams/Refunds $60 Rock Band Pre-Orders
bestbuy.pngWe actually didn’t cover the original story, knowing it would just get our readers’ hopes up for nothing, but Best Buy had posted the Rock Band Bundle for $US60—you know, that same one going for $US200 other places on the Internet. To those who placed preorders before Best Buy quickly caught the mistake, the company has issued this statement:

Unfortunately, our website incorrectly stated that the Rock Band accessories were included with your video game purchase. This is incorrect and we have updated the website to accurately reflect that the accessories are not included with this purchase. As a result, your order will be cancelled if you haven’t already cancelled it, and you will not be charged for this item.

Like low-cal ice cream and meaningless sex, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Best Buy flubs Rock Band preorders, cancels on excited fans [opposablethumbs]

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