Bibleman: A Fight Tor Faith Trailer

If you are of a certain age, you doubtless remember Willie Ames, star of TV classics Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge. He also starred with “Charles” co-star Scott Baio in that uproarious 80’s teen flick, Zapped. Well little Willie is all grown up now and like most child star who haven’t succumbed to drugs, prostitution or death, he found Jesus. Soon he became involved in a project (I believe of his own making) called Bibleman wherein he plays a Bible toting Superhero who goes around making the world a better place according to God’s word.

Well, now Bibleman has a video game coming out and we have the premier trailer straight from GameVideos. Among the myriad laughable things in this trailer, several stuck out for me: the terrible voiceover, the terrible graphics and the terrible arch-villain, Wacky Protester. No, I’m not kidding.

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