Big Brain Leaps Off The Screen

Big Brain Leaps Off The Screen

bigbranboard.jpgHaving trouble playing against the computer in using the Wii or DS versions of Big Brain Academy? Here’s an idea for you straight from one of those self-proclaimed smart-people. Gather together five of your stupidest friends, get them all liquered up and break out a copy of Big Brain Academy the board game.

Who has the biggest brain? The new mental fitness game bases on the original best-selling Nintendo DS title. Players are mentally and physically challenged in five different categories: Analyse, Compute, Identify, Memorise and Think. The player who collects the most tokens by answering questions correctly wins. Speed and accuracy count – not smarts – when answering questions at the Big Brain Academy.

Sure, they’ll probably pull out the old idiot savant trump card and hand you your ass anyway, but at least for one brief, shining moment you had an intelligent idea. That’ll be $US5.

University Games Big Brain Academy Game [Amazon Product Page via bits bytes pixels & sprites]

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