To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Grave Cleaning/Kotaku Facebook Group Joining

Fahey was kind enough to sit watch over Kotaku for a chunk of the day so I could take a brief respite in Breckenridge. Some friends of ours invited us up to their cabin for a long weekend. Monday morning we dropped Tristan off at a camp and then Trish, a friend of hers and I biked from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain. Half way through the 50km round trip we stopped for a lunch and my brain, always out to get my stomach, forced me to order steak and mash potatoes. You’d think, after all of these years, I would have learned to ignore that little voice in my head that says “order the steak” but I haven’t. Fortunately, the return trip started off with a long downhill and a steady rain, so it wasn’t that bad. It was a great ride, though road biking at 3,000m can really wear you out. Good thing I’ll be back down at a measly 1,800m come tonight.

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