BioShock Art Book Now Available For Download

BioShock Art Book Now Available For Download

bioshock_artbook.jpgThe BioShock limited edition is rather complete, sporting a “behind the scenes” bonus DVD, a Big Daddy action figure, soundtrack CD and exceptional packaging. The only thing it’s missing? The normally limited-standard art book. Instantly re-depressed? 2K Games to the fanboy rescue! The brilliant marketing team has decided to throw in the art book for free, online, and available right now.

The 60-plus page PDF, in low and high resolution options, is now available for download at the official Cult of Rapture web site. Dozens of pages of character, environment and weapon artwork await you. Worth every penny, too.

Obviously, spoilers abound, with a special warning to avoid the art book’s forward from BioShock’s own Ken Levine. Consider yourself warned: “No reading, just looking.”


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