BioShock PC Hassles Continue

bioshockbuttsechs.jpgFirst I posted about the problems with BioShock copy protection. Then I edited the post to add in 2K's statement on the issue at the behest of several readers. Now i wake up to even more problems. Elizabeth's post was all well and good, but when people are having problems uninstalling the game in the first place, the whole uninstall it to get your install token thing doesn't work. From what I've read in the forum thread, even if you uninstall properly there's no guarantee it will register, and as illustrated by the graphic above, contacting SecuROM as 2K suggested often gets you directed back to 2K. You know, I used to hate CD keys, but they're looking better every minute. Let's hope there is some sort of official response to the issue soon (REMOVE THE DAMN COPY PROTECTION), or 2K will continue haemorrhaging loyal PC customers. Hit the link below and read through the thread for some excellent analogy work.

How Many Installs Do We Get? [2K Forums - Thanks Aspen] Image Courtesy of NoFrag


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