Bioshock Faceplates Fetch Big Bucks

faceplate-1.jpgI think it's safe to call the Xbox 360 faceplates a complete and utter failure. But every once in a while we're reminded that the idea is fantastic, it's just the lackluster execution that's let gamers down. Case in point: this Bioshock faceplate is a really great design, but limited to only 5,100 units distributed to a closed retail and fanboy populace. And the first great faceplate we get in a long while is not for sale.

The result? These faceplates have been moving for $50-$100+ dollars on ebay. Microsoft should commission faceplates like Target commissions big name designers, make everything limited edition, plan better co-marketing and send me this Bioshock faceplate for free. Because it's not too late for faceplates to take off and I'm bored with my 360. It's as if we've been having the same sex for years. Wait... Rare Bioshock faceplates bring in high price on eBay [opposablethumbs] And ebay.


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