BioShock Faceplates Selling Like Hotcakes

faceplate.jpgOften, the best gaming swag you get is the stuff you get for free. Such is the case with the BioShock faceplate. There were only 5,100 of them made and they were given almost exclusively to GameStop managers for an inter store sales promotion. I was fortunate enough to be gifted with not only one, but two of these little beauties by my local GameStop manager, one of which adorns my 360 at home and the other I gave to my best friend.

With BioShock mania at a peak just four days before it's release, these rare faceplates have begun surfacing on eBay and are fetching anywhere upwards of $100 or more in some cases. Personally, I wouldn't dream of getting rid of mine because it's gorgeous and I love it and you'd have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers. But, given the choice between owning a rare, cool piece of (free) merchandise for your console or turning around and selling it for some cash, which would you choose?

Rare Bioshock faceplates bring in high price on eBay [Opposable Thumbs]


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