BioShock Killed My Computer

BioShock Killed My Computer

DSC00352.jpg How good is BioShock? Quote: “THE GAME WAS SO FACE MELTINGLY AWESOME IT BLEW UP MY COMPUTER.” Yes, it’s that good. Over at game forum NeoGAF, member Epiphyte recounts his PC woes after downloading the BioShock demo. According to him:

I was about 15 minutes into it, having very much enjoyed what I had seen so far, when I came upon the first Big Daddy encounter. I watch in rapt attention as he charges a splicer when suddenly BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. It sounds as though a string of firecrackers has been detonated in my computer case, as well as each BOOM being punctuated with a bright blue flash coming through the case window.

For about half a second I sit there stunned. The first thought in my mind is “Holy Fucking Shit, that is the greatest effect I’ve ever seen. They should have given this game an 11.” Immediately following this a sickening realisation dawns on me as I look over at my tower. Blue Smoke! The magic blue smoke that makes electronics work is escaping from my PC.

What follows is a 30 second vaudeville act of me simultaneously cursing, falling as I try to leap out of my chair, and finally ripping the power cord from the wall. But the blue smoke was already out, and the smell of ozone in the air told me the bitter truth. Bioshock had fried my computer from the inside and blown the capacitors.

Apparently Epiphyte’s caps inside the power supply blew up, and some motherboard capacitors might have been blown as well. There’s a word for this, and that is “BioShocked.”
BioShock Killed My PC [NeoGAF]

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