BioShock Trailer Premiers Sunday On SpikeTV

bioshockspike.jpgWhile it seems to me there have been no end of BioShock trailers, 2K Games has one last trailer for their spooky underwater adventure in store for us. The catch? We have to tune in to Spike TV on the night of Sunday the 12th to see it. All I can say is this had better be a damn fine piece of video game commercial film for me to want to take time out of my busy Sunday schedule of sitting around on my ass to flip the channel to Spike at 9PM Eastern to watch for 60 seconds. They'd need something like a surprise announcement from Game Head's Geoff Keighley for that to happen.

In addition, the trailer debut will close with a surprise announcement by Game Head's Geoff Keighley. You won't want to miss this!



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