BioShock Widescreen – The Sad Conclusion

BioShock Widescreen – The Sad Conclusion

biowidedone.jpgAnd the saga of the BioShock widescreen outrage comes to a close, though not in a way that’s going to make the angered gamers across the country any happier. In a post on the Cult of Rapture website it is revealed that widescreen isn’t cropped at all. 4:3 is just bigger.

Instead of cropping the FOV for 4:3 displays and making all 4:3 owners mad in doing so, we slightly extended the vertical FOV for standard def mode: we never wanted to have black bars on people’s displays. (This way, everybody is happy…) This does mean that people playing on a standard def display see slightly more vertical space, but, this does not significantly affect the game-play experience and, we felt that it best served our goal of keeping the game experience as close as possible to the original design and art vision on both types of displays.

So widescreen isn’t a crop of fullscreen after all! Haha, we are so silly. Fullscreen is just an extension of widescreen! Oh yeah, I feel a headache coming on. So basically, instead of widescreen users getting to see more of the gameplay as 2K’s Chris Kline promised originally, 4:3 users get a more expansive view at the price of having everything a little smaller. So did Kline lie, or did he, like the rest of us, assume the definition and advantages inherit to a widescreen format were just common sense? In a day when more and more people are opting to get widescreen displays and televisions, is catering to the standard size screen owner really an excuse for this?

The post does state that they are looking into ways to allow users to change their FOV settings manually, so they are attempting to fix that which they claim is not broken at least. Hit the link for the full explanation. I would not want to be a 2K forum mod today, that’s for sure.

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