BioShock’s Widescreen Pissing People Off

BioShock’s Widescreen Pissing People Off

bioshockwsshit.jpgWhat’s wrong with this picture? Well the normal area shows what the BioShock demo looks like on a widescreen monitor. The red areas show the extra space added when the game is played in standard 4:3 ratio. This is not how widescreen is supposed to work. Instead of slicing the top and bottom off of the image, widescreen should allow players to see more on either side. I have to agree with Paddy the Wak from the Widescreen Gaming Forum who posted the picture above – awwwww pants. Now the 2K forums are alive with the sound of angry, as more gamers verify the problem on their PCs and 360s, with one of the latest posts as of this writing confirming that the screen clipping appears on the 360 retail version as well.

Shoddy, shoddy work 2K. People invest in widescreen display solutions to see more, not less. 2KB’s Chris Kline was even asked specifically if widescreen would display additional image as compared to 4:3 in this thread here.

You will see more in widescreen. We use a different projection matrix; there is no squashing or stretching of the image involved.

So what happened? So far no one officially has commented in the 2K forum post. Just a lot of angry people cancelling their preorders until the issue is addressed and fixed. While it may seem like a piddling issue to some, cutting off the top and bottom of the screen not only produces less picture, but also has the effect of blowing up the textures and making the camera view tighter than it was before due to cramping.

Would this be enough to keep you from purchasing BioShock? I’m still on board, but then I feel I have a certain obligation to pick up and play one of the biggest titles of the year. Hit the link below to read the full 2K forum thread, filled with disturbingly rational discussion and cool heads. Seriously, it’s almost spooky.

Widescreen messed up … [2K Forums – Thanks Saiwen!]

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