Blizzard On StarCraft's Korean Popularity

net_1297774.jpgStarCraft? Huge in Korea. The game's been out something like ten years, and it's still popular. No wonder the game's developer Blizzard announced the title's sequel in Korea. But, really, what's up with Koreans and StarCraft? We are dying to know! StarCraft II's associate producer Tony Hsu explains. We listen.

Well, they took the game to a totally different level, one that I don't think anybody really expected. They were able to micro-manage everything, and do crazy stunts with units that nobody ever thought could be done. I think the game allowed for a lot of that, and it combined with the factions being really diverse, the timing of the release and the storyline. It was just a mix of those things and it worked its way up.

And up and up and up and up... StarCraft II Interview [CVG]


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