The BlizzCon Goody Bag

The BlizzCon Goody Bag

McMike already has his grubby paws on the splendorriffic BlizzCon Goody Bag, but he’s too busy covering the actual show to post about what wonderful trinkets are inside, so I’ll give you the short list. Expect a breakdown and plenty of pics of the goodies once he catches his breath.

List and description from the BlizzCon site:

You are the Murloc
Once your World of Warcraft character dons this fantastic costume, you too will know what it feels like to walk in a Murloc’s shoes. Or flippers. Each BlizzCon goody bag will include a code that can be redeemed in-game for one amazing Murloc Suit for your favourite World of Warcraft character.

Beta Key
In addition to giving you the opportunity to become a terror from the deep, the goody bag you receive will also contain an access code for an upcoming Blizzard beta test. Enter the code on our website and sign up to be contacted when the upcoming beta test is ready for you to join. While beta tests give us a chance to fine-tune our work, they also allow participants to try out and give feedback on a Blizzard title before it becomes available to the general public.

StarCraft II Magnet
The towering Colossus used to dominate battlefields during the Kalath Intercession, and now it will dominate your fridge or other magnetic surface! Although the Colossus was created purely as a war machine, the StarCraft II Colossus magnet will surely find a more peaceful application in your home.

BlizzCon Souvenir Show Guide
The BlizzCon show guide you receive will contain plenty of important information, such as a layout of the show floor and an event schedule, but it will also feature colourful articles about Blizzard and some of the things you’ll be seeing at the show, as well as a handy section for collecting autographs.

World of Warcraft J!NX T-Shirt
Thanks to J!NX, gamers everywhere can go out wearing their favourite game-themed clothing with style. Your goody bag will include one of J!NX’s fantastic World of Warcraft shirts, so wear it proudly!

Heroes of Azeroth Starter Deck
Have you been itching to try out the new World of Warcraft Trading Card Game? Well here’s your chance to enter the fray with your free Heroes of Azeroth starter deck. Each goody bag includes a ready-to-play deck for one of the nine classes, as well as two booster packs and three oversized hero cards. Bring your deck to the Upper Deck Entertainment booth to learn the game and take part in free beginner tournaments.

Other tid bits
The bags Blizzard flotsam will vary from bag to bag but include things like a Blizzard coaster, Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft button sets and other little fun toys.

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