Bomberman Live Gets Update, Bunnies

bunnybomber.jpgAs a long-time fan of the Bomberman franchise as well as one with a deep obsession for all things bunny related (don't ask), it is with great pleasure I bring you the announcement of Bomb-Up Pack 1 for Hudson's Bomberman Live for Xbox Live Arcade. The add-on, which weighs in at a modest 350 Microsoft Points, will feature two new environments (casino and zeppelin), a new game mode called Frag which allows you to set the number of enemies that need to be offed in order to win a match, as well as ten new characters. Among the new characters...Little Bomby Foo Foo. A bunny. With bombs. Y'all need to give me a minute here. Go read a press release or something.


Hudson Increases the Payload with New Content and Game Modes

REDWOOD SHORES, CA - August 27, 2007 - Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for Hudson Soft, today announced that they are releasing Bomb-Up Pack 1, the first add-on pack for their "IGN Editor's Choice Award"-winning Bomberman LIVE game for Xbox LIVE(R) Arcade. This new add-on pack will add over a dozen new features, including ten new characters, two additional levels, two new leader boards, and a brand new game mode. Bomb-Up Pack 1 is expected to launch on August 29 and will cost 350 Microsoft Points ($US2.80).

With these add-ons, players will be able to further enjoy the frantic, explosive action of Bomberman LIVE in new areas, including "High Stakes," a Las Vegas-style casino level, and "Zeppelin," a level set aboard a dirigible which features tornado environmental hazards that incapacitate players.

"With the overwhelming success of Bomberman LIVE it became clear to us, as Bomberman fans and game producers, that the already stellar game could be indefinitely augmented with myriad gameplay additions in the future," said John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment. "Hudson is committed to providing refreshingly competitive, fast-paced multiplayer gameplay over Xbox LIVE(R) Arcade."

This Bomberman LIVE add-on pack will add the following features:

Ten New Characters - With new characters like "Little Bomby Foo Foo" the bunny and "Rocky Bomboa" the boxer, players can customise their in-game Bomberman in countless new ways.

Two Additional Levels - New arenas include "High Stakes," a Las Vegas-style casino level that allows players to select any gimmick they want, and "Zeppelin," a level set aboard a dirigible which features tornado environmental hazards that incapacitate players.

One New Game Mode - "Frag" mode will allow players to pre-set the number of enemies they must bomb in order to win the game.

Two New Leaderboards - Dominate the competition on two new ranking systems on the Xbox LIVE(R) network. The new leaderboards will track performance on both a weekly and an all-time basis for the new "Zeppelin" map.


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