2007-08-11-213.jpg Two words: Total meltdown. Earlier, we posted that dork snuggle cushion for PC dating sim D.C. II -Da Capo II- would be letting people get their squeezes in on August 10th at Akihabara retailer Gamerz. Well, today is August 11th so how'd it go? Squishingly. Apparently, in five hours, those humps were squeezed (count 'em) 340 times! This wasn't just lonely men grabbing and groping the "special gel" filled cushions, but open-minded women. What's more, there was a sign tacked on the pillows that read ご自由におもみ下さい. Can't read that? No problem! Because below that it also read "Touch Free" in English. Yes, these boob pillows are foreigner-friendly! I look at this and know what I see? Bridges being built, walls coming down, cats and dogs living together. Boob pillows are progress.

Hit the jump for another truly surprising picture.2007-08-11-204.jpg

Not only two-handed, but two-handed and in front of an Xbox 360!!

340 Served [Akiba Blog]


    I'm disappointed, Japan. There is a distinct lack of nipples. I thought you liked to put nipples on everything?

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