Boogie Bites Back, Responds To Reception

Boogie Bites Back, Responds To Reception

boogie-wii-ss2.jpgBoogie has had a mixed, but mostly negative critical reception. Last week when planning a Frankenreview, I was shocked at how few outlets had actually reviewed the game—which I assumed was due to EA being worried about reviews and withholding journalist copies. Jean-Charles Gaudechon responds to the critics, who’ve attacked the game’s simplistic controls and gameplay:

“My philosophy in terms of design: Controls shouldn’t be a showstopper…Difficultly should come from the game. It should be easy to dance…

Having played Boogie at E3, I thought the game was a critical success—if you took EA’s goals into mind—to create a title that the whole family could play and laugh at. But the fact of the matter is that any Wii game not using 1:1 controls will find itself at the mercy of the critics and public alike.

Wii’s ‘Boogie’ Vs. The Critics [mtv]

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