Boogie Coming To PlayStation 2

boogie_ps2.jpgWhile EA's Boogie for Wii is seeing few game critics singing (and interpretively dancing) its praises, according to a new listing on game rental service GameFly, the game may have another opportunity to underwhelm gamers, this time on the PlayStation 2. The listing, rooted out by Siliconera, shows a November 15th release, making a pre-Thanksgiving cash grab very likely.

Obviously, EA has made no such announcement that the one-time Wii exclusive would be coming the Sony platform, so we're calling it rumour for now. But with its relatively simple control scheme and USB microphone support, a release of Boogie on the PS2 makes a Madden bus sized load of sense.

Boogie For PS2 [GameFly via Siliconera]


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