Boy Fries Himself With Hot Hot Xbox 360

darwin-evolution-skeletons.png Dumb, dumb, dumb. Apparently, a 14 year-old North Carolina boy was almost killed trying to keep his Xbox 360 from overheating. According to local news, the boy's mother found her son unconscious after he attempted to submerge the console in a pan of water. "When I left to go next door he was playing a game but when I got back he was laying on his back on the floor and unconscious," she said. The console, wrapped in plastic and tape, was still plugged in. The kid has read online that he could keep his 360 from over heating by cooling its power supply. By the time the ambulance showed up, the boy had regained consciousness. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and suffered small burns on his hand and foot. Kids remember: No matter what the internet says, electricity and water are NOT friends. They're not even on speaking terms. Boy Nearly Killed [Fun Tech Talk Game|Life]


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