Bring Back Mutant League Sports

Bring Back Mutant League Sports

MutantFootball1.pngDear EA,

I’m not really interested in sports games. I know that you have official licences and I’m supposed to care, but despite being a beer-loving, heterosexual male between the ages of 18-25, sports are just not my thing. But they used to be. Remember those Mutant League games you made back in the day? Those were way better than last year’s Madden, and I’m fairly certain, any other iterations you have in the hopper. Because when I’m given the option of battling slime monsters against robots, or overpaid meatheads against more overpaid meatheads, I’m going with slime monsters and robots every time.

You can even rip off Pigskin Footbrawl. It’s been long enough. Go ahead and “2K” Midway’s ass—it’s cool with me.

Mark Wilson

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