Britain Really, Really Loves The Wii

britainwii.jpgThe sales charts don't lie. Britain loves them some Nintendo. ChartTrack, keepers of Britain's secret, highly classified gaming sales data, have released some sales ratios to the press. No hard numbers, of course, the public can't be trusted with those, but if ratios are all we got then ratios are what we'll talk about. Seems Nintendo Will have sold its millionth Wii in Britain within the next month, which will also see it surpass the GameCube's all-time sales in the country (only ever sold a mil), despite being on the shelf for less than a year. Poor Cube. Also of note is the "fact" (can't support it with numbers, see) the Wii is apparently outselling the 360 4:1, and the PS3 6:1. Yes, yes, itprintsmoney.gif. Wii nearly UK's best seller [Eurogamer]


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