British Magazine Sales Not All Bad

British Magazine Sales Not All Bad

lucasarts.jpgPrint is dead. Lot of people say it, or maybe substitute “death” for “dying”, but I don’t necessarily agree. I enjoy reading on the can, for example, and I’m not taking my laptop in there with me. Not even if I was going to be a while. Seems the latest Audited Bureau of Circulation figures from the UK agree with my optimism. Yes, some mags are/are still on the decline, but others are up, and some really up.

Those on the decline include the PC mags, Sony mags and, sadly, Edge:Edge: 30,021 (down 10.6%)
Games Master: 47,719 (down 10.6%)
Official PlayStation 2: 44,182 (down 55.9%)
PC Gamer: 41,599 (down 8.2%)
PC Zone: 24,385 (down 18.8%)
PC Format: 28,314 (down 7.1%)
PlayStation World: 17,132 (down 50.3%)
PSM3: 24,121 (down 33%)
360: 12,017 (down 8.3%)

Those on the up? Nintendo and 360 mags. All but one of the 360 ones, in fact.

Official Nintendo Magazine: 47,925 (up 34.7%)
Official Xbox 360 Magazine: 65,673 (up 53.9%)
Xbox World 360: 30,296 (up 30.7%)
X360: 30,179 (up 38%)
360 Gamer: 12,586 (up 37.8%)

ABCs: 360 and Nintendo mags up, PlayStation decline continues [MCV]

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