British Sales Charts

lewes.jpgHey, Britain. When you gonna stop buying Harry Potter? Or Transformers? Flicks have been out for AGES, the hypes' over. You can stop now. Aside from that, though, you did OK for the week ending August 25, with BioShock taking its rightful place at the top (with 88% of sales being the 360 version), a bunch of Nintendo titles taking up their regular positions and Blue Dragon doing a none-too-shabby job of making it to #9.1) BioShock 2) Transformers 3) Brain Training 4) Brain Training 2 5) Wii Play 6) Pokemon Diamond 7) Harry Potter And The Worn-Out Welcome 8) Surf's Up 9) Blue Dragon 10) GRAW 2

[charts courtesy of GfK]


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