Teen Charged With Murder Over Xbox Arson

Teen Charged With Murder Over Xbox Arson

xboxarsonvictim.jpgAfter a seven week trial, 15 year-old Matthew Stringer of Wombwell England has been detained for the murder of his brother and endangering the lives of five other members of his family after being grounded from playing his Xbox sparked him to pour white spirit (organic paint solvent) throughout his home and toss a lit match through the letterbox. The Xbox had been taken away after Matthew had been caught stealing from his older brother’s college fund. Adam Stringer died of smoke inhalation, while his mother, sister, two brothers and one of their girlfriends escaped with minor injuries.

The courts were presented testimony that after setting the fire, Matthew Stringer stood calmly across the street with his arms folded as the house went up in flames. As is the case with many such incidents, the only explanation for this sort of behaviour is that something inside the child was broken. I just tend to get a bit miffed when the headline in the local paper calls the boy the Xbox Arsonist, though I suppose astrologists weren’t too happy with the Zodiac Killer either.

The boy will be held for a minimum of ten years before the possibility of release is considered.

Teenage Xbox arsonist detained for murder [Yorkshire Post]

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