Brother And Sister Caught Hunting Akihabara Nerds

otakugaricontinues.jpg As we've before, Akihabara is a hotspot for crime. And not just any crime, but a very specific crime called "otaku gari" ("otaku hunting"). Japanese news are reporting yet another case of nerd crime. This time around, the otaku hunters weren't a gang, but a twenty-year-old brother and sister pair. Here's how it would work: She'd bump into the target, and her brother would demand that the dork hand over "apology money." When the duo were finally nabbed, they confessed that "otaku are weak, and they've got big money so we went after them." Tokyo-based game localiser and author Matt Alt points out:

Akiba has been losing some of its nerd-luster lately. Which isn't particularly surprising given how much attention it's received from visitors, press, and the industry in recent years. In fact, the word going around Wonderfest last weekend was that Akiba has become "a wasteland" (in the words of one longtime visitor) due to hordes of foreign toy-dealers scouring the shops for booty to take back to their homelands and sell at a profit. Say it ain't so!

Afraid so, afraid it's really so. Otaku Gari [AltJapan]


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