Buka Calls The Hunt

Buka Calls The Hunt

thehuntison.jpgImagine if your Social Security Number or government ID was suddenly flashed on television screens around the world, promising a large monetary reward for your death. That’s pretty much the concept behind The Hunt, a new FPS game from Russian developer Orion Games. In the year 2052 with crime running rampant, you have a one in a million chance at being tagged to become a contestant in a government-sponsored television show called The Hunt, meant to help keep citizens in line by randomly broadcasting them being stalked and slaughtered by bands of officially sanctioned gangs called ‘The Beaters.’ Sounds a lot like Running Man, doesn’t it? The game features AGEIA PhysX technology allowing almost everything to be broken and used as a weapon. Enemies will react to the noise you make and the shadows you cast. It sounds like a hell of a game if they pull it off, and I love the concept of being just a normal guy who suddenly finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. Look for more info on The Hunt to be revealed at Leipzig later this month.

Buka Entertainment announces The Hunt

New ground-breaking FPS from Orion Games

MOSCOW, August 8, 2007 – Buka Entertainment and Orion Games are pleased to reveal The Hunt, new First Person Shooter to be presented at GC 2007.

In 2025, the criminality among the society reached levels not known before. The government approved an extreme, though sure measure to ensure peace, security and prosperity for the society.
Being a common citizen, there is a probability of one in a million of receiving the black mark… a device implanted in your body that emits a signal which can be followed. But sometimes happens…If you are marked, you have become the main star of The Hunt…the degeneration into a TV show of the governmental cleaning action. “The Beaters” are the gangs that participate officially as hunters. The Hunt is a brand new FPS which breaks the established rules of the genre. Now shooting won’t be enough to survive.

Key Game Features:

“¢ Brand new engine with state-of-the art features. Real time lightning and shading. The enemies will react to your noise and shadow.
“¢ The AGEIA PhysX technology allows not just to break almost every element of the scenario, but also to use it as weapon… a stone, a brick, a pipe…
“¢ The main character is not a soldier or a well-trained hero…is a normal person who receives the Black Mark and has to escape and learn to survive.
“¢ Stealth will be an important part of the gameplay. Special killing moves.
“¢ Multiplayer. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Survival mode…

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