iPhone Versus PS3

iPhone Versus PS3

A San Diego Tribune columnist wrote up an interesting piece on iPhone hype, comparing the buzz surrounding the Jesus phone to the Playstation 3 launch fever.

Unfortunately, he did this by looking at eBay sales, something that really doesn’t track buzz as much as it tracks avarice. The columnist points out that iPhone sales on eBay for the first weekend were averaging about $700, while sales for the first three days of the PS3 launch were at about $1,500. In the first three days, 8,771 Playstation 3s were sold on eBay while only 3,773 iPhones were sold over the first weekend on eBay.

While this maybe a reflection of demand, the columnist doesn’t take into account supply. The PS3 sold on, at least initially, in the U.S., and the iPhone didn’t, at least I don’t believe it did. Also, keep in mind eBay sales are not a reflection of success. Just look at Wii ebay sales.

iPhone hype, sales figures apparently not in sync [San Diego Tribune]

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