Call of Duty 4 Beta Token Going To Everyone (Almost!)

call-of-duty-4logo.jpg Did you register for the Call of Duty 4 beta? Good news! Those who registered at the game's site Charlie Oscar Delta (and live in the United States) will get a beta token. These tokens are going out in batches, but like I said, everyone who signed up (and lives in America) will get in. Foreigners and expats are shit outta luck. Well, unless you lied. Infinity Ward's blog spokesperson Fourzerotwo has posted this:

We're going to send out congrats emails to all of you eventually, but keep in mind (again) the tokens themselves will be in waves. So you might get it today, you might get it tomorrow, you might get it later than that. So be patient, I know everyone would love to be in the first wave, but keep in mind this is a beta TEST, and this is one way were testing our servers performance is by ramping up slowly and tracking how it effects the game, playlist downloads, matchmaking, etc.

Infinity Ward will be offering more chances to sign up so stay tuned! Beta Registration [Fourzerotwo, Thanks AndrewMP!]


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