Call Of Duty 4 On The Cusp Of Multiplayer Beta Ecstasy?

cod4_mp_beta_hints.jpgWe've received a number of tips today about the possibility of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare beta going live for the Xbox 360 soon. Reader Matthew tipped us off today to let us know that he'd seen a message on claiming that the Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta would hit today, August 17th.

Later in the day we received an e-mail from another reader who had received his multiplayer beta token with instructions on how to download. A small number of Xbox Live users are currently listed as playing the Cod4 multiplayer beta, but these may be members of the Infinity Ward development team or Microsoft employees. Regardless, they're some lucky sons of bitches.

Currently, the Call of Duty 4 web site,, is down for maintenance—probably not an indicator that it's going live, but interesting nonetheless. We'll let you know when we learn more. Anyone else get an invite yet?


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