Call Of Duty 4...Warnado?

cod42.jpgWhile conversing with MTV's Stephen Totilo, Infinity Ward's Vince Zampella spilled some Call of Duty 4 news. Real news. Not maps or weapons or the plot, but some of the game's possible subtitles. See, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, as uninspiring as it sounds, didn't write itself. No, they went through loads of names before they got to that one. Thousands.

We had someone generate thousands of names. One of them was 'Warnado. Or was it 'Warricane'?

See, I like Warricane. Warnado, too. If you're going to have a subtitled military-themed FPS, you may as well have it taking the piss. 'Call Of Duty 4' Says No To 'Warnado' (And Feet) [MTV]


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