Calling All Cars On PSP

call.JPGAccording to a recent issue of PSP - The Official Guidebook, Calling All Cars is coming to the PSP. Few details are known at this time, so we have no clue how Sony will distribute the title—whether or not only PS3 owners will be able to download the game, or if it will come in standalone retail form.

It's hard to image the game as a standalone title, if only because the PS3 version was only $US10—which could set a dangerous (though awesome) standard for PS3 to PSP ports. What about a few extra bucks for a portable version? Or just including the PSP version free with PS3 download, ala PS1 titles? Then jack up a retail version for boxing, shipping, etc. How's that plan sound to you, Kotakuites?

Calling All Cars speeding towards PSP [pspnews]


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