Calm The Fuck Down

calmblueocean.jpgLook. I know you're upset. You've been hangin' on BioShock, it's here now, and there are problems. Some of these problems are indeed that, problems. The SecuROM thing, not cool. But things like servers being down, widescreen ratios, issues with installs, etc? Hardly intentional! It's cause for disappointment, sure, but not ANGER. If anyone remembers 2004, you'll remember a game called Half-Life 2. Big game, loads of people were hyped for it, it hit, and...oh boy were there problems. Authentication problems, install problems, oh, the wailing went on for days, and was deafening. Thing is, like all things do, the problems soon passed. Things got fixed. People could play the game. People enjoyed playing the game. End of story, happy ending. Same thing's going to happen to BioShock. The bigger the game, the bigger the whine. And it's exactly that: a game. Let's not try and forget that. If having to wait a few days for problems to get fixed gets you to the point where you're talking boycotts and lawsuits and speaking of 2K in an overall furious tone, do try and relax. This digital distribution thing, it's still relatively new, and it's bound to buckle under the weight of a big game. People are working on these issues, hard, and fixes will come.

In fact if you head over to Cult of Rapture you'll see a lot of them being addressed today. First up, the limited installs:

Starting immediately, we will be upping the activation count to a 5 by 5 plan. We will be raising the maximum amount of computers a user can have BioShock installed on simultaneously from 2 to 5, and allowing a user to reinstall BioShock on each of those computers from 3 times to 5 times.

Also on the table, widescreen issues:

And as for widescreen, we also want to say we completely understand a user's desire to augment their FOV. BioShock is a harrowing experience, but we don't want anyone to feel limited (or motion sick!). So we are in the process of working on an official PC patch to give widescreen PC users a choice to expand their horizontal FOV, and are investigating creating a similar update for the 360.

And finally, I want to personally congratulate Racer_S from the Widescreen Gaming Forums, and his awesome user patch to expand the widescreen FOV in BioShock. I'm currently tracking him down via email, but hopefully, he'll accept my gratitude, and maybe an Nvidia 8800 to boot.

See? Relax. Think of a calm, blue ocean. Or a little fluffy rabbit. Everything's going to be OK. Racer_S is even going to snag a nice reward for his troubles.


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