Canadian Butts Hurt Over DLC Pricing

Canadian Butts Hurt Over DLC Pricing

canadian_butts.jpgThe Canadian gamers at Citizen Game are mad has heck and they’re probably not going to take it anymore, barring some genuine apologies and possibly an adjustment pricing schemes more in line with Canadian to US dollar exchange rates!! Why the measured, polite rage? Seems that Canadians are paying an unfair amount for their downloadable content—or in more blogger struck with a case of the hyperboles terminology, financial rape.While it’s questionable whether one should equate uninvited anal sex and a mark up of about $5 Canadian for a batch of Wii Points, one thing is clear: pricing in the Great White North for Microsoft Points and their Wii equivalent are not on par with what gamers in the USA are paying.

Incidentally least offensive from a pricing standpoint for DLC north of the border? Sony and its transparent dollar amounts required to purchase content from the PlayStation Store.

Let’s have it, Canucks. Anyone up there need to vent their spleens about the current disparity between Canadian and US pricing?

Canada is Getting Raped On Downloadable Content [Citizen Game]

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