Carmack Does NOT Hate The PSP

Carmack Does NOT Hate The PSP

carmackatwork.jpgJohn Carmack (above, not a recent picture) doesn’t hate the PSP. Nor does he dislike the PlayStation Network. Just because Carmack is putting his mobile game Orcs & Elves on the DS and not on the PSP is meaningless! What’s more, don’t read anything into his company, id, not doing a PSN game. It’s just worked out that way. id’s Steve Nix explains:

John had actually thought about PSP initially, and then sort of started getting more interested in the DS — and that’s not a knock on the PSP, it’s just there were some interesting gameplay options for Orcs & Elves with the DS.

The PSP is definitely something we’ve thought about, but as far as Sony’s Network – we’ve nothing against the network or anything, we just haven’t had those discussions internally. We’d love to talk to Sony and find out…we’ve talked to them a little bit, but we’d love to find out more specifically to look at our games and see what makes sense. We haven’t talked to them in depth about options, but you shouldn’t be surprised if we do something with them.

So remember: id isn’t knocking on the PSP and has nothing against the PSN. There’s no denying it!
Nix Interview [Eurogamer]

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