Castlevania Chronicles Coming To PS3, PSP Via PSN

Castlevania Chronicles Coming To PS3, PSP Via PSN

castlevania_chronicles_psn.jpgThe Entertainment Software Ratings Board may have left slip news on an upcoming PlayStation Network release with Konami’s Castlevania Chronicles for the PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP recently rated by the organisation. Castlevania Chronicles, for those not intimately familiar with their Castlevania remakes, was a PlayStation release from 2001, bringing the Japanese Sharp X68000 game Akumajō Dracula to North America for the first time. Akumajō Dracula was actually a remake of the original 8-bit Castlevania for the Famicom/NES.

The U.S. version came late in the PlayStation’s lifecycle and at a relatively high price for what was basically a remake of a remake…of a remake? It’s confusing. Regardless of how many layers must be peeled away to get to the source, the game’s addition to the PlayStation Network should give Belmont Clan fans a chance to take a crack at this old-school action-platformer.

It should also give Konami a chance to drum up more hype for its PSP release of another remake, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles.

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