Ziff Davis No Longer Courting 1UP Mag Buyers

Ziff Davis No Longer Courting 1UP Mag Buyers
ziff.jpg You know the Ziff Davis Group? They own 1UP, EGM and Games for Windows Magazine. If so, you probably also know Ziff have been trying to offload their gaming group for a while now. With no success. Nobody wants it! At least, not under their conditions: Ziff will only sell the group as a whole, print AND online, but buyers only want the online stuff. Well, Ziff now have a new CEO, Jason Young, who’s decided to scale back that particular operation:

…while the sale process has been a very sharp focus over last 12 months, now that becomes less of a focus. The clearer focus is now on operating the business ourselves.

Quite the about-face, that. Time to roll up those sleeves, Ziff.
Young Appointed Ziff Davis CEO, Game Group Sale ‘Less Of A Focus’ [Gamasutra]

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