China Opens Kinder, Gentler Camp For Online Addiction

chinese_internet_cafe.jpgAccording to Chinese state run media, some 13 percent of Chinese internet users are qualified as addicts—they're simply unable to cut the cord between themselves and internet porn, cybersex and, deadliest of all, online video games. While the American Medical Association appears to still be on the fence about classifying heavy players as addicts, China has no such qualms, initiating a program for those who need their electronic fix and need it bad.China is experimenting with a new summer camp aimed at getting kids off the internet and into therapy. The ten day camp would play host to forty teens and young adults who would receive counselling, focusing on attendees' psychological and developmental problems.

The country is also clamping down on internet cafes and, according to Reuters, "mulling restrictions over violent video games." Let's just hope they don't crack down on Dead or Alive Online. We're really looking forward to that.

China hopes to cure Internet addicts at summer camp [Reuters]


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