China's CDC Games To Expand Globally

yulgang.jpg Further ensuring that Western gamers will have a hard time escaping the sometimes cool, frequently criticised glut of games coming out of China and other points East, CDC Games - operating 13 games in China - is making plans to expand to the rest of the world through the creation of a new creatively-named subsidiary, CDC Games International (that would be 'CGI' for short).Apparently trying to fast-track their way to global success, they plan to launch some of their free-to-play offerings in the Japanese and North American markets later this year.

The new subsidiary will leverage the domain expertise of CDC Games to seek out licensing opportunities that will enable the company to enter targeted global markets including Japan, North America and southeast Asia. CGI intends to launch new online MMO games in Japan and North America in late Q4 this year through its own operations as well as through publisher partners. The company has completed initial plans for publishing games directly in North America and Japan, including plans to leverage the global network and support infrastructure already established by its sister company, CDC Software.

They also announced sub-licensing agreements with companies in Taiwan and Southeast Asia and ... a lot of other stuff. Agreements to right of them, agreements to left of them - looks like they're serious about invading foreign markets. The question is - will gamers outside of China bite?

CDC Games Launches CDC Games International to Publish Online Games on a Global Scale [Digital 50]


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