Chip Shortages Prolong Wii Drought

wiidrought.jpgGame store employees around the world broke down weeping as Taiwanese chip manufacturers poke their heads out of the ground and see their shadow, ushering in umpteen more weeks of Wii shortages. Nintendo's plans to up Wii production, originally slated for June of this year have been delayed thanks to supply issues with components like IC chips and PCBs. Component makers say the the continuing shortages indicate an unlikelihood of the Wii drought easing up anytime this year. With the console selling over 10 million units worldwide, one can only imagine how large that number would be right now if they had consoles to sell. All I know is game store workers can look forward to several more months of endless, "Is the Wii in?" phone calls, followed by death at the hands of angry parents as the holiday season comes to a head. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Nintendo delays Wii expansion plans [Digitimes Systems]


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