Chobot Gets (In)Action Figure

Chobot Gets (In)Action Figure

cohBot.JPGJessica Chobot, whose PSP licking antics here on Kotaku lead to a writing gig on RedAssedBaboon and then a hosting gig on IGN, is getting her very own set of anime-styled action figures.

Apparently the folks at Southern Island were so enamoured with the real Chobot when they met her at Comic Con, they decided they needed to make a couple of little statues of her. Each of the statues, designed by Kerry Shyver, will be sold as limited edition 500-piece runs. The foot-high statues will be hand numbered, but will not feature any licking…instead she will be nibbling on a 360 controller.

Fahey, another RAB alum, thinks they should drop the whole sexy writer angle and focus on a Fahey action figure, one that you can order but never actually ships because it keeps missing its flights.

You Can’t Own My Soul, But You Can Own My Body…All 12 Inches Of It! Chobot Collectible Figurines!

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