Circuit City Subpoenas CheapAssGamer

Circuit City Subpoenas CheapAssGamer
cagwatermark.jpg Electronics retailer Circuit City has served CAG Productions with a subpoena. CAG Productions is responsible for popular video game shopping community, which has 100,000 registered members. The retail giant wants CAG to turn over all personal information about registered forum member Speedy1961, who has been posting weekly CC ads prior to their release on the site. Speedy has also posted them on, and that site appears to have received legal action as well. The subpoena mentions one CheapAssGamer thread in particular, which prior to E3 revealed that the PS3 would get a price drop as well as pricing for games at Circuit City as well as game prices at Target and Best Buy. In that subpoena mentioned thread, here’s what Speedy wrote:

* GAMERS / MOVIE AFFICIANADOS: Please note $100 Price Break on Playstation 3 Game System which brings the price down to $499.99 // Remember that you can get 5 free Blu-Ray DVDs with purchase of any Blu-Ray Player / Game system by going here:

This was wedged in between details about the Wii and other details. Moreover, information about Best Buy and Target was mentioned as well. CAG Productions CEO David Abrams (AKA “CheapyD”) has hired a lawyer. “The CAG community’s trust and respect is very important to me, so I’ve hired legal representation to deal with the situation,” Abrams tells Kotaku. Stay tuned for this as it develops.

Target/CC/BB Video Game Prices [CAG]

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