COD4 Beta Tokens Gone In Minutes

cod4beta827.jpgAs expected, Charlie Oscar Delta, the site where beta tokens for Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 were handed out at 12PM Pacific, was completely swamped and completely unreachable when people slammed into it at the appointed time, hungry for some multiplayer hands-on. Kotakuite Sloopydrew got this message after trying to log in for 33 minutes:

"Although Charlie Oscar Delta's Token Codes have been reserved, there will be many more opportunities to get into the Beta! Check back into SITREP often, as we'll be updating the site with information as soon as it's finalised.

Now I agree with most of the people from the announcement post earlier that this could have been handled much better. For instance, arming everyone with knives and tossing the beta tokens onto the floor of a football stadium would have been just as painful, only much more entertaining for spectators. All is not lost, however.

In the United States and Canada, we are working with GameSpot and GameStop on two new ways to reserve a spot in the Beta. Our International users will be excited to learn that plans to get into the Beta are moving along quickly, and we'll have updates for all the countries listed in the FAQ soon!"

GameSpot and GameStop? Could one of those ways to get in involve reserving something? Could everything having to do with GameStop revolve around reserving something? And what of GameSpot, the retail outlets misspelling brother? A contest? My aforementioned stadium idea? Are we too jaded to care at this point?


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