Coin-Collecting Akiba Idols In Furry MMO

chulipsdonation.jpg Nope, that isn't a homeless cheerleader squad accepting donations. Well, they are accepting denotations, but they're not homeless. That's idol group Chu!Lips (a Japanese pun on "kiss" and "tulip") collecting pocket change for the World Wildlife Fund. Why would Akihabara pop idols be doing that? Well! The troop is appearing in MMO Holy Beast Online, a Taiwanese developed game that lets players switch back and forth between human and animal form. The game has even teamed up with WWF Japan. Hardcore! So yes, these girls aren't only lending their likeness to furry MMO, but doing their part to help wildlife. They must really, really like animals. Just as long as they don't like animals. Watch Chu!Lips in Concert [YouTube] Holy Beat Pics [IT Media]


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