Comcast Wants In, Kinda Like The Fat Kid

Comcast Wants In, Kinda Like The Fat Kid

IMG_3004.JPGComcast’s Jennifer MacLean gave an eager presentation to developers today as McWhertor snuck in some more time with Picross listened intently and took notes. The long and short of it: Comcast wants a piece of the sweet digital honey pot that is videogaming. And they’d like to partner developers for…uhh…anything they might have in mind.

In honour of the talk, were going to play a game called Spot the Evil Quote!Is it…

a.) “WoW players shouldn’t have to go to ebay to upgrade their armour.”


b.) “I love playing games through Comcast!”

Because why shouldn’t a poor, “relatively small company” like Comcast not take the scared, hopeless gaming industry under their talons of death cozy wing?

Note: I almost didn’t post this story in fear that it might, in some way, legitimise Comcast’s desperate grasp at competing with wireless content providers over the next decade. Please don’t let it.

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